In addition to our volunteer Board of Directors, RCLC also has many ambitious community volunteers who work on a wide variety of projects.

RCLCs Volunteers may:

  • Attend workdays at Mill Bend Preserve and other locations
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Restore habitats, plant native plants
  • Build / maintain trails
  • Assist with event planning and prepping of event materials
  • Assist in promoting RCLC events and projects
  • Lead tours and conduct programs for school groups, help with special events and projects
  • Suggest ways they can utilize their skills and prior experience to preserve, restore, and share lands that RCLC manages.
  • Qualified volunteers may be invited to research and recommend grant opportunities. Your expertise is appreciated!
  • Have fun with other volunteers – your help is appreciated!

If you would like more information about volunteering, please email rclc@rclc.org or fill out the form below:

Photo credits: Banner – Susan Moreschi; Volunteers – Anne Hanlon; Gallery photos from RCLC Archives. Credits include Deanna Boettcher, Harriet Pecot, Anne Hanlon, Dave Shpak