Redwood Coast Land Conservancy

Since 1992, RCLC has connected people to nature. The Gualala Bluff Trail highlights breathtaking coastal views from the edge of town. Cooks Beach and Hearn Gulch provide coastal access, showcasing Mendonoma’s dynamic coastline. With the acquisition and protection of Mill Bend Preserve in 2021, RCLC is restoring native habitats, building trails, and striving to tell the stories of those who came before us.

What’s Happening

Thrive with RCLC

RCLC protects iconic Mendonoma landscapes, restores habitats, and connects people to nature. When nature thrives, we thrive.

We are inspired by the vision of North Coast communities that steward—and celebrate—our irreplaceable natural gifts. RCLC is committed to this vision through our conservation projects and educational efforts.

We hope you will join us – hike a trail, join a bird walk, volunteer with others to improve plant habitats, or donate in support of RCLC’s conservation vision. Nature needs us, and we need it.

Photo credits, from top of page: Joel Chaban / Querido Galdo, Anne Hanlon, David Bradbrook, RCLC Archives, David Bradbook, Dave Shpak, Querido Galdo