Ross Family

About the Ross Family

Dan William Ross was born on 7 October 1867 in Nova Scotia. He arrived on the Mendonoma Coast during the summer of 1889, where he was employed in the lumber industry. About a year and a half later, at age 23, he was killed in a mill accident. According to local newspaper accounts, on 29 January 1891, while working at the Gualala Mill, he was caught between cuts of a log that had just been blasted and died hours later. He was buried in the Gualala Cemetery.

Unfortunately, little else has been discovered about his brief life. Since the 1890 census was destroyed by fire, documents that would help to detail Dan Ross’s time on the coast are limited. Similarly, since he died prior to the recording of death certificates by the State of California, locating a death record for him is unlikely. It is known that Dan had an uncle, William Ross, who also lived on the coast, but the lack of records has hindered researchers from finding information on his greater family.

Research compiled by Kelly Richardson, APR, AG, Anchored Genealogy