Louisa Morris and Lois Lutz (standing) check for survey marker during visit to Will’s Rest memorial site.

Photo: Harry Lutz

A scenic expanse of coastal terrace north of Anchor Bay has been donated to Redwood Coast Land Conservancy as a memorial to William Craig Whiteley, whose family and friends shared many vacations together in this strikingly beautiful spot.

The idea that I could, in my lifetime, act to preserve a place on earth such as this by putting it in a forever land trust was the best tribute I could imagine to make to Will’s memory.
-Rita Milhollin

RCLC is working with his mother Rita Milhollin and her family to create Will’s Rest, a permanent memorial which will be open to the public “to afford others the opportunity to share the beauty, majesty, and solace of this lovely place.” Plans call for benches, a walking path, and subtle barriers to protect the public from the steep cliffs and dangerous tides along this part of the coast. The final piece of the park will be a memorial marker, dedicating the conserved land to Will and his love of this place. The marker will also display the names of Will’s family and friends who help fund the project.

The Redwood Coast Land Conservancy has created a special fund for the development and continuing stewardship of the memorial. Contributions are tax-deductible and will help ensure the conservation of this site.