Published in the ICO Telescope Column, December 15, 2023
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Cool, damp weather did not keep over 40 attendees from enjoying Redwood Coast Land Conservancy’s Wreath Making event held at Mill Bend Preserve on Saturday, Dec. 2.

Using fresh cut greens from the 113-acre property, children, parents and grandparents created their own holiday-inspired creations while enjoying spiced cider, fruit and baked treats.

In addition to crafting wreaths, participants strung popcorn and cranberries, fashioned pine cones into seed-covered bird feeders, and assembled small pieces of driftwood into tree-shaped decorations. Everyone took home something personal to brighten the season.

“We were delighted that many families from Point Arena to the Sea Ranch participated in this event and we are looking forward to hosting future nature activities for kids and families in the Spring,” said event organizer Cheryl Harris.

The event was centered originally within one of the preserve’s historic, timber-mill-era buildings, a structure recently upgraded with a new roof and installation of an energy-efficient heating system, but clearing weather allowed people to expand activities to picnic tables outside.

“We hope an activity like today’s wreath making event, bringing community members of all ages onto Mill Bend Preserve, can serve as a template for future efforts reconnecting people to place,” said Mark Escajeda, RCLC board president. “Mill Bend has been a gathering place for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. We’re happy to help it become that again.”