Crepazzi Family

About the Crepazzi Family

Marco Aurielo Crepazzi (1913-1915) was born to Anselmo Crepazzi and Clementina Falcetti, Italian immigrants from the town of Tolmano, in the Province of Sondrio. He was born in San Francisco and died in Gualala on 10 June 1915. He is the sole family member to be buried in the Gualala Cemetery.

Anselmo Crepazzi emigrated to the United States in 1906, followed by his wife Clementina and three of their daughters, Ernesta, Palmina, and Teresina, in 1910. A fourth child, Evelina Maria, was left behind in Italy. The family first lived in Point Arena, where Anselmo worked in the woods. The family moved North to Cuffeys Cove in Mendocino County, where Anselmo is documented as working as a tie-maker. A son, Ottavio Edward Crepazzi, was born in Elk in 1911. Anselmo, unsure if he wanted to stay in the United States, never sought naturalization.

Like many families tied to the timber industry, the family moved where there was work. After Edward’s birth, the family moved back to Point Arena, and then in May 1912 moved to San Francisco where they lived for a year. Marco Aurielo Crepazzi was born while the family was living in the city. The family moved back to Gualala where daughter Ernesta was living with her husband who worked at the Gualala Mill. The family had moved south to Oakland by 1918, where Anselmo worked as a carpenter and for the Santa Fe Railroad. Evelyn Crepazzi was born at this time. After the Liberty Lumber Company purchased Markhams Mill in Duncans Mills in 1918, and the Crepazzi family moved back to the coast where Anselmo once again worked in the timber industry.

Shortly thereafter, Clementina and her youngest children moved to Santa Rosa. She filed for divorce from Anselmo around 1924. Immediately after the divorce, Clementina married a man named Michele Borghino. The marriage was short-lived and tumultuous. Michele, who severely abused and attempted to kill both Clementina and her youngest daughter, Evelyn, found himself in jail multiple times for assaults both during and after the marriage.

Not giving up on love, Clementina married once again, this time to a Swiss immigrant, Silvio Crivelli, who worked for the State Institution in Eldrige as a milker. He lived separately on State property while working, while Clementina maintained their home in Santa Rosa. Clementina died in 1942.

After their divorce, Anselmo returned to the coast, living with his daughter Ernesta and her family in Fort Bragg. He died six months before Clementina.


Evelina Crepazzi (1895-1910): Evelina was born in Italy, and did not travel to America with the family. She presumably died in 1910, shortly after Clementina and the other daughters arrived in America.

Ernesta Crepazzi (1892 – 1900): Ernesta was born in Italy, and emigrated to the United States with her mother. She married Pellatrino Guisti, a railroad worker who emigrated from Porcari, Italy.

Palmina Crepazzi (1899 – Unknown): Palmina was born in Italy, and emigrated to the United States with her mother. She married a Mr. Mattei and lived in San Francisco.

Teresina Crepazzi (1901 – Unknown): Teresina was born in Italy, and emigrated to the United States with her mother. She married John Zunino.

Ottavio Edward Crepazzi (1911 – 2003): Ottavio Edward was born in Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino County, California. He married Sybil Gordon.

Marco A. Crepazzi (1913 – 1915): Marco A. was born in San Francisco, California. He died as a toddler in 1915, and is buried in the Gualala Cemetery.

Evelyn Crepazzi (1918-2019): Evelyn was born in Alameda County. She married Edward Neu.

Research Note: Aurielo’s headstone shows that he died in 1916, which conflicts with his official death records. It is also important to note that some inventories of the Gualala Cemetery, as well as compiled indices mistakenly list Aurielo’s name as Auriela, suggesting to some that he was female.

Research compiled by Kelly Richardson, Anchored Genealogy