On your next trip to Cooks Beach, you’ll likely notice a much improved entry. The access to the overlook and trail, with limited parking on the County Right-of-Way on CR526, received some much needed treatment in July.

Mendocino County approved a NO-FEE Permit to place and compact base rock to match the pavement. Bed Rock, Inc. and owner, Bill Hay, delivered, placed and compacted eight yards of base rock, while the County Roads Staff provided traffic control. Kudos to Bill and his crew for an excellent job. Stewardship funds are used for this type of work and the general maintenance of the overlook and trail.

Volunteers are helping us to replace stairs, change the rise/run, and gradually move the trail east at the top to relieve pressure on the culvert outlet. The addition of a short section of fence at the top-west of the trail above the culvert should help prevent trespass on private property adjacent to the trail. Please stay on the trail and stairs when accessing the beach and, as always, Pack it In and Pack it Out. Please help keep our beaches pristine for everyone.