Contributed by Linda Bell

When I moved to the Coast, John and Cecilia Moelter were involved in so many volunteer activities that I wondered if they ever slept. Cecelia had been a Board Director for years with RCLC and John could be found at every work party — Gualala Arts Center, our RCLC projects, Sea Ranch activities… everything. I learned quickly to station myself with John at work parties. His wonder and enthusiasm for our coastal projects was contagious. He could keep up a running dialog while we worked, laughing and cheering the entire time. Thirty minutes spent with John meant that all was right with the world again.

John Francis Moelter died on March 27, 2014. RCLC Advisor Mary Sue Ittner wrote this introduction in a photo memorial of John given to his wife, Cecilia,

“John Moelter spent 122 hours helping to build the second phase of the Gualala Bluff Trail. He was there from the beginning, when we cleared the site, to the end when we were arranging rocks, planting, and cutting back weeds. Always cheerful and willing, he never complained in spite of the weather or when we had to repeat a task done earlier because of delays. He had a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face and unfailing encouragement during this difficult task. When we had to stop work for a number of years, almost every time I saw him, he would ask when we were going to finish the project. He was eager to get the job done. As the Project Manager during much of the construction, I will always be grateful for his wonderful contribution and so glad he could be there to celebrate the completion of this lasting gift to our community. He was an important part of making it happen.”

John will be greatly missed by his fellow RCLC volunteers and many other friends who were inspired by his enthusiastic spirit.