Tuesday March 5, 2024

March 2024

2024-03-07T17:45:23-08:00March 5, 2024|

March 2024In this issue...Good News for Mill Bend Preserve: $1.66 Million Public Access & Restoration Grant Awarded by State Coastal ConservancyRCLC Welcomes New Board Members: Introducing Andrea and JenniferCalifornia Conservation Corps Bolsters Mill Bend Preserve Wildfire ResistanceIn Memory

Thursday November 2, 2023

November 2023

2024-05-20T17:59:00-07:00November 2, 2023|

November 2023 In this issue… A Bench With a View Field Trip Report Upcoming Events In Praise of Kay A Note from the Executive Director

Saturday September 2, 2023

September 2023

2024-03-05T16:58:53-08:00September 2, 2023|

September 2023 In this issue… History and Hearn’s Gulch RCLC and FoGR in Partnership for the Gualala River Featured Volunteer: Karl Young Upcoming Events

Monday June 5, 2023

June 2023

2024-03-05T16:32:37-08:00June 5, 2023|

June 2023 In this Issue… Youth Group Overnight: Work,Recreation and Education What will RCLC Properties and Gualala Look Like in 2123? Featured Volunteer: Perk Perkins One Family’s History from the Mill Bend Preserve Cemetery Kids in Kayaks on the Gualala River – our Future Stewards

Wednesday April 5, 2023

April 2023

2024-03-05T16:45:22-08:00April 5, 2023|

April 2023 In this Issue… Board President’s Message Serving as Stewards Featured Volunteer: Nicole Forte Ring of Fire – Bio Char Kiln Updates and Our Wish List

Sunday February 5, 2023

February 2023

2024-03-05T17:17:08-08:00February 5, 2023|

February 2023 In this Issue… Executive Director’s Message Storms Scour Cooks Beach Featured Volunteer: Deanna Boettcher Weeding for Wildlife Updates and Our Wish List

Thursday October 6, 2022

October 2022

2024-03-06T15:41:17-08:00October 6, 2022|

October 2022 In this Issue… Executive Director’s Message Mill Bend Preserve Conservation Plan Unveiled Gualala Bluff Trail – Extension Plans! Featured Volunteer: Chris Howard Eyes Open for Monarch Butterflies Updates and Our Wish List

Saturday August 6, 2022

August 2022

2024-03-06T15:53:17-08:00August 6, 2022|

August 2022 In this Issue… RCLC President’s Message Mapping the Flora at Mill Bend PreserveIntroducing Jim Elias – our Executive Director Featured Volunteer: Eric Agnew Gualala Cemetery – A Look Back to the 60’s and a New Exhibit Updates and Our Wish List

Monday June 6, 2022

JUNE 2022

2024-03-06T16:00:58-08:00June 6, 2022|

JUNE 2022 In this Issue… RCLC President's Message Kayaking the Gualala River with Local Students Discover Mill Bend Preserve...On Your Own! Featured Volunteer: Joaquin Jacob A Little History: Gualala Cemetery Happenings at Mill Bend New Weather Station and New Business Partner: Further Reach Updates and Our Wish List

Wednesday April 6, 2022

APRIL 2022

2024-03-06T16:14:49-08:00April 6, 2022|

April 2022 In this Issue… RCLC President's Message Water Conservation for Trees Planted at Cooks Beach Hearn Gulch Preserve: Protected for All Featured Volunteer: Mike Spurlock A Little History: Dog Hole Ports of Mendonoma New Program to Steward the Gualala River Our Wish List: Equipment Needs Coming soon.... The goats are BACK!

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