Behren’s Silverspots have distinctive wing patterns with prominent silver spots on the underwing.

Photo: Asa Spade,
Spade Natural Resources Consulting

by Louisa Morris

In a major project started earlier this year, RCLC is working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to help identify and preserve habitat for the Behren’s Silverspot Butterfly, an endangered species unique to our local area. Over twenty landowners between Albion and Jenner have volunteered to have their property surveyed for the endangered Behren’s Silverspot Butterfly this summer. State Parks biologist Angela Liebenberg will conduct this fieldwork funded by the USFWS.

Unfortunately, until the fog lifts and sunny days arrive, the surveys will be on hold. Butterflies generally don’t like to fly in windy, rainy, or foggy conditions; they like idyllic sunny coastal days for feeding and flying. We’re hoping for lots of sunny weather on the coast before the end of September, which is the end of their flying season, so we can complete these surveys in partnership with local landowners.

Behren’s Silverspot Butterflies are found between Mendocino and Salt Point State Park on coastal terrace prairies containing the blue violets (viola adunca) on which the Silverspot caterpillars feed.

If you would like more information on this projector or are interested in having your property surveyed, please contact project manager Louisa Morris at 707 937-6217 or